A place,
Drowning under,
The immeasurable burden of irrationality.
A place seeking salvation,
From mounts of soot and matter.
A place,
Lamenting in the grieve,
Of the long forgotten days of euphoria,
Free from the choking reality,
Of hazardous issues.
A place,
Wherein masses curse their own deeds.
A place,
Too inspirational for the distant ancestors.
A place,
In the prepossessing Milky way.
A place,
So blue and oozing with water,
But the water soon fading,
Duly due to the over usage.
A place,
Next to the ventured Mars.
A place,
Emblazoned by moon's charisma.
A place,
Where 'WE',
The homo sapiens live.
A place,
Known as E.A.R.T.H.
An Earth,
Was enticingly lush,
And flushed with diversity of colours.
Hath become a fireball,
Gleaming so hot,
That makes my heart rot.
A place now,
So dark and covered,
With jeopardized warnings,
Of loss of this blue water,
Loss of this green nature,
Loss of this red fire,
Loss of this white glaciers,
Loss of this bounty,
Loss of this memories,
And loss of all those dreams,
To innovate and live for jillion years of timeless eternity,
Guarded by 'US' the children of this Mother Earth.
O people! Save this fading beauty,
Stop vandalizing the dreams of hopeful people,
Living in the reveries to stay some more.
O people! See what you have done,
To a place like Earth.
O people! See the glaciers meetings,
And the pollution swaying,
Enshrouding its natural beauty.
O people! We have to try at least,
For such a high stake.
O people! So let's endorse a mission too indispensable,
And save!
A place,
As described,
As our E.A.R.T.H.

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