A Plea!


We need to rise up against the powers that be
that are too afraid to slight their constituency!
We need to wave our arms and shout out loud!
We need to stomp our feet and not be cowed!
By the men in suits in Washington, D.C.,
who demure and hide with each killing spree.
Do it for the babe yet born and the shattered families,
for the wounded souls and their unfathomable tragedies.
We need to scream and yell and hold our breath,
Whatever it takes to stop the senseless death!
We need to stop the carnage, the pointless violence.
We need to halt this now, break the silence!
We need to demand that our leaders not duck and hide!
We have the strength in our numbers, to create a tide.
We need to make the lives lost somehow a precious gain.
We need to end the massacres and stop the pain!

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