A Poem About Sleep

Falling in love with you was a bit like falling asleep.
One minute I was conscious and sensible
And the next, I was not.
I cannot remember when I fell for you,
Only that it happened and that it was bliss.

Falling out of love with you was like waking up during REM sleep
It was disorienting and confusing
And I have no idea what happened.
One minute we were happy and in love,
And the next, we were not.
My head hurt and my heart ached
Because I could not tell fact from fiction anymore.
Were the things that you and I felt for each other made up?
Did I dream you into existence
And pretend that these feelings were real?

Getting over you will be like slowly forgetting a dream.
I will not want to and my hands will try to hold onto your memory
But as the days wear on, I will learn to let go, and I will forget.
I will no longer be stuck wishing for you again.
I will have new dreams and new loves that make me happy.
These dreams will add color where you did not
And touch places that you could not reach.
I will learn what it means to be happy and to dream again.
And though it will hurt me at first, I will move on from you.

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