A poem about the things I love

Im going to write a poem
A poem about all the things i love
About all the people who have been there for me
Not only when their days are free
The sunshine that comes up everyday
To put a smile on my face
Or my loving family, who support me

But then again
When they’re not there for me
Thats when i have to cry myself to sleep
That sunshine that comes up every day?
It also goes back down, hiding as I commit bad deeds
The last time I had a smile on my face was in a dream
Or for the yearbook picture, “SMILE”, they said to me
At least I have that loving family
Who changes everything there is about me
Till there is nothing else left of me to please

So no, I wont write a poem about all the things I love
They are an illusion of the mind
Something they planted into me
At least i can now see
Theres nothing in this world left for me
With love, someone who used to be

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