A Poem For Cousin Harold

The Lord hears
Even when you're in tears
When your heart is heavy
Like a big Chevy
When you feel like you're alone
He is always there
He is your hope and care
The Lord saves your soul,
Your mind and spirit from the dark hole
He fixes human conditions
And He does listen to petitions
He saves a life
From the hands of strife
The Lord is joy, hope, peace, and love
He is the omniscient God who lives above
He has a will for us all
Like He did for the Apostle Paul
He willingly died while we were in sin
So that we could have a new life to begin
And Father, now that he's gone, I pray that he's with You
So that here on earth we don't have to be so blue
Lord, I know You listen to our prayers, fears, and cries
Even when a benevolent loved one dies
Thank you dear God for that; the Lord hears!

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This Poems Story

I am a home-schooled junior in high school. My awesome parents are veterinarians, and I have a benevolent brother, a sweet sister, and two hilarious labrador retrievers. I have always admired the English language along with literature, and I very much enjoy writing poetry. I like poetry because life can be written through it. My favorite thing to do with poetry is to write it for other people. "A Poem for Cousin Harold" was written because my mother's cousin, Harold, had recently passed away. The poem was a gift for his family.