A Poem for Him

He is everything im not
He's stunning, talented, handsome, & hot.
He's everything I wish I could be
But im sure if he ever saw me he'd probably flee.
Im literally nothing compared to his class
He's got talent and beauty ive got a fat ass.
He sings like an angel whos just got his wings
Every time I hear him it makes my heart sing.
His beauty and grace mean nothing compared
To his charm & personality which are perfectly paired.
His sweet soothing voice and his big toothy smile
Make me forget all my woes for a while.
His bright hazel eyes that sparkle and gleam
Would look right through me if you know what I mean.
He wouldn't notice me if my hair was on fire
Even though hes clearly the object of my desire.
He is literally everything that I look for in a mate
I would literally love to ask him on a date.
But lets be quite real not a chance of that
Hes way out of my league since im ugly & fat.
I wish I could forget him but hes stolen my heart
I know my feelings for him aren't very smart.
If only I could tell him exactly how I feel
But being rejected by him would just be a raw deal.
So I guess I'll just keep it in and adore him from afar
He'll always and forever be my shining star.

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