A Poem For My Wife…

I stood at my hotel window gazing Northward,
I peered into the blinding sun,
My focus was far past the horizon,
But I could not see you.

In my mind I painted a portrait,
Of your long blond curls and your deep blue and green eyes,
The warm air blew past me and touched my ear,
I thought I heard you whisper,
But I could not hear you.

I walked alone through a crowded plaza,
I sat alone and ate a meal fit for a king,
The chair beside me was empty,
I reached over to touch your hand,
But you weren't there,

And now, my love, my Sweet, Sweet Rose,
My bag is packed and soon I will take flight to you,
My eyes will again be drunk with your beauty,
Oh, the sparkle of your eyes, the soft lines of your lips, the flowing of your hair, a stream of gold and sunlight,
Oh, I will see you again.

I will hear again the music that is your voice,
The soft tones of love that soothes my heart and drives away a week of loneliness,
Yes, my ears wait and long for that sweet, sensual sound that awakens my soul,
Oh, will hear you again.

Alas, we will again embrace,
I will be comforted by your soft touch,
How I long to hold the hand of you my bride, my wife, and the tender mother of my children,
Yes, I will be close to you and when I reach out,
You will be there...

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