A Poem for Peace

How simple is peace in the stillness of morning,
With only the sound of the birds as they sing;
Earthen nests they’re so strictly adorning
carrying love on each feathery wing

How evasive is peace as the evening approaches,
hidden bleakly among gunshots and violence
Soon lost to sleep as exhaustion encroaches
shock and confusion now filling the silence

even through the stillness, with hearts slowly breaking
when peace seems too far out of sight
deeply, we find a love quickly waking
bracing, and shining a light

As the presence of peace is always in reach
And so willingly ready to share,
Through the smile of a stranger, the laugh of a child
Or hands joined together in prayer
Through feeding the hungry, or feeding a friend
Holding space for those who feel lost
through committing to learning, to speak with intent
Understanding words come at a cost

Just as the birds serenade us sweetly with song
in the early still hours of day
remember the lesson, that where there is peace, there is always love lighting the way.

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