A poem for there father

I don't understand how you can say you love your kids if your not even around
You don't do nothing for them and that's ashamed to even say out loud
Since day one you were never really there
You didn't even show one ounce of love or care
Its sad to even say they are half of you
When they don't even matter at all to you
Right now your lucky cause you don't have to deal with me and what I have to say  but just wait til that day they can speak and say everything they want to say believe me I know whatever it is it will blow your mind and take your breath away cause I know you will hate what they will have to personally say to you to your face
Right now you think its fun and games
To treat them with hate and no care
But that day will come when they will turn there back at you and not care
They may cry for you now here and there but that don't mean they dont feel the love that's not there
It even hurts me how they ask bout you and still want that little bit of love and acceptance from you to
Honestly I think you don't even deserve that want from them but in the end your there father and I can't take that away from them
If I were you I'd take that advantage of the love they have for you cause its not always gonna be there and that's the sad truth

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