A poem if you will

One more thing on my mind while I am venting...
A metaphor if you will...
Enclosed and trapped trying to find a way to deal...
People push and push and push in hopes one will find a way to repenting,
when the pushed repenting turns into resenting,
some things don't need to be pushed together but better to be kept apart,
the pieces should be burned, and don't forget the new start!
annoyance is the essence in which hate will grow,
keep pushing and pushing and pushing and those that push will surely know:)
I hear your name like a old washed out song...
makes me want to stab pencils threw my ears,
So I could move this tragedy along!
The name(s) that are like nails to a chalkboard
like salt in my eye
trying to steer clear of all the sneers,
but above all trying to find the reason why?
If you know something brings someone, hurt and anger and pain,
why would you set this up to be played over and over again?
this is my final f*** you, to those who do this to me...
Even though it seems like a good idea at the time,
when come to find it's nothing but trickery!
don't let things confuse you...
or mess with your mind!
So this is me admitting I am over it
and these are the reasons why...
tired of the bullsh*t, hurt, pain, and games
and frankly this well has run dry!

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