A Poem on Purple

two hues oft confused
pale purple blooms so soft and subdued

pink-flushed lilac fragrantly flowering
blue-blushed lavender perfuming perennially

boughs abound with wisteria cascade
bellflowers chime and tulips serenade

orchestral orchid of violet virility
bows ever-gracefully in fine femininity

seated alone, royally aligned
its presence is known, its virtue refined

simplicity and style
whimsy and wild

they flourish and fade on earthy stage
but beneath the ground and before your age
a purple prize lies in craggy cage

vitreous and violet, tranquil and quiet
amethyst glimmers when you find it

glinting in that unturned stone
an amethyst, a quartz, or some other gemstone

a brush-stroked stone, a mountain kissed
majestic, empurpled, tinted, enriched

in violet veins and canyon bands
purple patches paint the lands

purple peaks and purple peeks
purple fleets and purple flies
there, in front of you, right before your eyes

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