A Poem To GOD

Thank you for your peace O Heavenly Father.
Through the good times and the bad.
You are the same GOD of them both, faithful true to the end.
Before i turn another year older, i wrote this poem especially for You.
Thank You O Holy Father who created Heaven & all the great men here on earth.
I admit i too forgot about You just to follow the world of it's pleasures & it's sinful ways.
I confess when i finally awoke it was one of my biggest mistake.
But you still allowed me my free will, by Your merciful saving grace.
I remembered when i sinned so much, i was trapped following others down the wrong way.
But You still rescued & delivered me like You rescued the Israelites.
There's something to be said here about what You did for me as much as it is to be learned.
Now i know what i didn't before...there's nothing special about me even back then.
And the reason why You spared my life til now, not even worth a speck of dust.
But You still shown me kindness out of Your Amazing Great Love.
That i owe all to You my Heavenly Great LORD.
I appreciate You today than i ever, ever have before.
Thank You for opening my spiritual eyes to Your ways O LORD.
You're the same reason why i turned to be a part of Your flock.
I feel so much better now Great Father, refreshed & full of Your Light.
Happy to be free from being a slave to sin like those great days of the ancients, rebellious & following their own paths.
Today, like David, i'm trusting You O LORD, for my times are in Your hands.
And to all whom read these words of this poem of hope may GOD save your life the same way that He saved mine.
Thank You O Heavenly Father for Your Amazing Saving Grace.
Now i totally understand that Your thoughts & Your ways are not like our thoughts & ways.
For as the heavens are higher than the earth.
And so are Your ways higher than our ways.
Again thank You O LORD with my poem to You, i owe You a great sincere thanks.
Especially for saving me from the dark deeds of this world & from falling even deeper into the dark pit, Your timing is Amazing.
Thank you O Holy GOD, & to heaven and all that You done.
Thank You when You saved me when i was doing wrong & help from Your blessed angels.

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This Poems Story

This poem to GOD to sincerely thank Him & a message of hope for others as well. But to truly thank Him for saving me from a life of sin & for His Merciful Saving Grace.