A Poet’s Pen

A Poet's Pen... (a sonnet) ...

A poet's pen sincerely holds her untold thoughts
While paper waits for a poem to be born onto it
Through her words that impregnate her mind in lots
Of pieces and puzzles that don't seem to quite fit
Where's the perfect arrangement that she held in her mind
When she first took thought of writing her pensive poem
That would be her masterpiece of the most ingenious kind
If only her wandering thoughts wouldn't constantly roam
Alas she would be done with this awesome task at hand
Then her mind would be free of times built up worry
Of watching the hourglass pass another month of sand
Or of writing it carelessly in too much of a hurry
....'Tis a shame for one to think that one day she'd die
....Without a poetic magnum opus that'd make people sigh

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