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I'm walking on my own
Chained up to the darkness of light
My skin peeling down to the bone
Mental figures that I can't fight alone
Conviction burning my eyes
Every step I take
I feel like I'm nowhere near the skies
My feet feel heavy , I trip over my mistakes
Why am I stressing the inevitable?
I see their faces with smiles, but looking at their hearts
Are more abstruse than the dark of night
But who am I to judge?
Although they judge me to see me destroyed in their sight
I go to the mirror to confess their misery along with mine
But I can't go on with all this weight on my shoulders
I am falling down the dark abyss of depression
I cry until the sun begins to rise
And I continue to speak to the mirror in a way to confide
They tell me I can't be stronger because I am scared
But my mind goes places no one would dare to go
The fear that runs through the mind of the insane...
I'm sharing the truth, but it might cause a lot of pain
Pain to those who done me wrong
I don't desire harm to anyone, but a distance that is long
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