A Police Wife’s Prayer

Watch over my husband and keep him safe today,
From whatever harm that comes along his way.
He never thinks about himself; he doesn't take the time,
As he goes about his duties, keeping others safe from crime.

He lives to serve his fellow man, and he has learned to understand,
No matter what might come along, it's up to him to right the wrong.
A beaten child, a battered wife,or others who are under strife,
The victims and the elderly,or anyone who is in need.

Sometimes he feels no one care to know the burdens that he bares.
He locks his feelings deep inside.
From those he loves his pain he hides.
Although he's really not sure why,
They must not ever see him cry.
He must be tough and brave and true,
That's what it means to wear the "Blue."

But God, you know, and so do I,
He's just an ordinary guy,
So please be with him, keep him strong,
Against all evils and things wrong.

Let him know how much I care,
That everything he feels, I share.
Send him home into my arms,
So I might shelter him from harm.
Until he must walk out the door,
and I will have to pray once more.

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