a pondering ripe fruit

An apple fell off from a tree
Thinking that it can now be free
Ripe as it maybe it had no Glee
And sadness such that it could pierce thee
It thought of life as a closed up door
And found itself searching for a key
Yet he did not know he could not see
A shore up ahead, an open sea
Ever looking with awe at the up front sea
As if dissolved inside like milk in tea
From where it could stand it can only see
A world of death,where living had a fee
The apple thought as it withered below the tree
Am I alone ? Am I really free
And conclusion of the thought was this
Was the fallen apple really me ?

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This Poems Story

a poem which is reflective to a simple man deep in thought of his existence and everything around him it is a kind of tale which refers to both loneliness and the world altogether