A Potential Wardrobe Change

have you ever wanted to step
outside of yourself
what clothes would wear
which shoes from the shelf

would you be the fearless hero
saving every day
solving every problem
driving evil away

or would you be the wanderer
reckless adventure and fun
a radiant carefree light
as bright as any sun

maybe an untouchable
with riches, fame, more
a life that may be sheltered
but a home with crystal floor

who would you choose
if you were not you
would you choose at all
could you start brand new

sometimes it may seem
that a clean slate would be felt
as much easier and better
than handling what’s been dealt

but if you try on
the new outfit, the new shoes
and look into the mirror
read all of the clues

you just might realize
that the shirt is too tight
the pants are too long
and nothing fits just right

you see, sewing on patches
and hemming the seams
will prove to be quicker
than ditching your teams

someone else may be nice
their life may seem great
but nothing can defeat
karma, destiny, fate
your journey is your own
no matter the attire
loving who you are
is the true win and desire

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