A Prairie Night

The stars ascent in the dark of night,
As the moon bathes the land in its Silvery light.
Coyotes can be hear as they hunt at night.
The Owl with a mouse in its talon, takes flight.
a lonesome howl is heard as the Wolf calls in the moonlight
Searching for his pack, Shadows in the moonlight.
The Cowboy's bedded down for the night,
Waits for the morning light,
His face bathed by the yellow fire light.
The cattle asleep as a weary singer,
Watches over the herd,i n the Shadowy night.
An Opossum searches for grubs at a nearby tree,
In the dark shadow of the night.
A Raccoon washes its booty, a silver fish,
In the gently flowing stream,
Its water a reflection of the moon this bright night.
The Cougar pauses for a drink, and finds its prey,
In the dark of night.
A Raccoon feeds its cubs this bright starry night.
Two sets of eyes emerge out of a cave,
Near the Cowboys firelight,
Two cubs tumbling over each other greeting their mother in the night
A predator is home and guards her lair,
From the strangers around the firelight.

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