A Prayer for Dawn

Now I lay me down to sleep

in the thick stench of midnight.

Blue curtains conceal the world from

the dank blackness within,

shifting slightly when the draft of air

would pace by its fluttering edges.

Blue curtains, little locket swaying,

dancing to the rhythm of my heartbeat.

Blue curtains, little locket, purple doll.

Purple doll with bouncing curls and lively eyes,

watching the endless dance with endless pleasure.

With her curling lips

she is my effigy,

I her inheritance,

she slid from the hands of my grandmother

to my bedside table

and awaits her future with eager anticipation.

Blackness from my midnight slips from my open eyes

and leaks into the room, taking me with it.

On my big wooden bed

my body sinks forever into mortality

as its buoy is cut afloat.

Restless footsteps replace my heartbeat

an stifled murmurs mimic now my breath

as the black seeps out into the streets

and dawn burns the remnants to dust.

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