A Prescription Your Heart’s Way

I never attended med school
Yet I have done a diagnosis
Although you're no patient
Your heart is less prone to attack with my recommendations

To ensure optimal functionality of your organs,
You must start by a mouth-to-mouth exchange with me
This shall at once protect your respiratory tract
Together with your alimentary canal

Within this perspiratory therapy,
Your entire skin is refreshed while your pores are at work
Not forgetting the excited heights you'd climb
As I harden that pair on your chest without a stethoscope!

Since I hardly do tablets
Swallowing is a function of your choice
Instead, you'd be compulsorily injected
Neither intraveinously nor intramuscularly, but through your nerves

This way I'm certain you'd get the treat(ment)
That pervades about your system
Within to without, without to within
All the way from your groin; up into your medulla oblongata!

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