A Pretty Little Bird

I promised myself, with my head aimed above,
That I would never again fall in love.
Unfortunately, there is not "always a choice."
I'm just stuck with a feeling and whatever it destroys.
It brought me to my knees and forced me to crawl.
My biggest mistake was simply to fall.

My downfall was a pretty little dove--
Except mine isn't a dove, well, kind of.
My dove looks more like a raven.
I told myself I could hold back, but I was mistaken.
Every time I see her she makes me smile,
And every time it feels like it's been a while.
Once, I saw him run his fingers through your hair,
I couldn't look, I wouldn't dare.

So here I am, pondering life--
Its brief lights and its constant strife.
I am drowning in an ocean of mixed signals,
Full of frequent uncertainty and giggles.
Sometimes I use her smile to cope.
Sometimes I feel like I'm being fueled by false hope.
I can only hope I'm getting closer.
Otherwise, I'll continue being a blind jokester.

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