A probably unwanted gift

Here's the thing I got for you
I made it myself in my head
I wove it from your intellectual symphonies
And your bright wholeself
I adorned it with my fancies
With my smiles, shining through your eyes
But I'm used to cheap material
Stuff lost in bundles of lies
Here's the thing I got for you
It's something I'll never give
Like words unspoken remain
This "thing" will also live
I know you a little
And with what I thought you would like
I decided to never tell what is happening
But I would still want our sentiments to be alike
You might not notice it
But it's presence bought me bliss
The smile I gave for something lame you said
Made me look into my own self
To round everything up
I felt it and hence I said
You could either keep me in the dark
Or you could maybe speak!!

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