A Promise

Go meet someone new and you'll know just what I mean.
Do they make you feel charmed? Like you're living in a dream?
Initial feelings and impressions are how you receive
each other once the time has come in your lives. Believe
a promise made and don't let this first be all you see
Once you greet its time to meet, though with no guarantee
Hope is best when prepped for worst. These necessities
will let you know a kindred soul from those who are diseased
Both you'll greet and both you'll meet but one must be released
before they turn their back on you and return to the beast
If you find this is their goal keep them out of reach
But watch them closely as you tread keep them underneath
Every story has two sides and this one is no different
Yours and theirs will determine beauty or Maleficent
Are they good or are they bad, the souls within these men?
When they are good you must try to see them yet again
For you and they were both meant to meet each other here
on this plane, in this world, under this atmosphere
And they will better you somehow before your lives will end
Every day you share a promise you may find a friend
So greet all with an open hand and think each not a thief
Never be caught off your guard if they cause you grief
One hundred thousand maybe more or maybe only two
Every one of them you meet greet like they were you

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