A Promise

She promised to give me a rose today
So to the garden, she went away
A neat bun I made on my head
And space for the rosy red
I eagerly trotted out of the house
I saw her standing, quiet as mouse
A bundle of notes, her hands revealed
She sold all the roses, I believed
For not a single pink in the bush could I sight
‘Where’s my rose?’ I demanded with fright
But my eyes spoke much more
With suspicion and anger, her heart I tore
Her face fell, but not her smile
Which always seemed so servile
Out from her satchel, she gently pulled
My ego turned away my head, scared to be fooled
She walked nearer and handed me
A tiara of roses, my eyes could see
I froze in my step petrified
Everything turned clear and justified
A leaf fell, carrying my tear
My heart screamed guilt and fear
She hugged me close to her bosom
Unlike the roses, her tiara would everyday blossom
My heart felt heavy, weighing a ton
For my cruelty to her can never be undone
In her’s can I never place another
For to me, she’s my mother

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This Poems Story

This is an emotional poem with a beautiful sentiment........The idea just came my way and before I knew it the poem was ready. So enjoy it!