1 Had I known that there was a better way
Before all of my thoughts had faded away
I would have taken it without delay
Just to ease my excruciating pain for a day

5 And if the thoughts that comes from a bad person is good,
And that that comes from a good person is cruel,
What maketh me a better person but just a fool,
Having found myself between the two.

9 Weep for that little thing that you lost,
Because somehow pain is to be felt,
Weep for that pretty girl you got,
Because it will be all over if she fell.

13 Weep not for the relevant stuffs,
Because you’d be reminded of the things you love,
But think of the irrelevant ones,
They replace the relevant stuffs immediately they are gone,

17 Irrelevant stuffs never get to matter,
Because they seem a little less better,
But when all that matters is over,
You’d know, that irrelevance is a bit clever.

21 So, when your dear things eventually go away,
And those that aren’t dear are there to stay,
Remember that position is about to pry,
Now that’s a proper way to cry.

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Key Words : Irrelevancy

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This Poems Story

This poem basically resides on the relevancy of things, how before it wasn\'t important then in a bullet speed it does