A Pure Heart

Love is beautiful. Love is not vengeful, hateful
Wicked or deceitful. There is no prejudice or
ugliness in displaying Love
Love doesn't hurt or kill or puff up with pride
It is as pure as the rain or a morning dove
Love should be loyal and honorable and stand tall
like a tree, not left alone unnourished
neglected, unhealthy set aside
In Love there is meaning not
empty spaces of toiling and hurt or
by buying someone with
money like a lively rose being ripped from the dirt
No love just like being frozen like the branches
in the dead of winter
cold,lonely and very bitter. LIfe would not be life, without ever had loved someone
Only love can defeat hate just like a plant needs sun
shine and rain to grow love needs sunshine and
tenderness not seeds of hatred contempt, and violence
There is truth in love when your asked to be patient
and have blind faith in the kind silence.The touch of
Love is very healing like a spring to a wound it is
nurturing beauty is love serene and tranquil.
Natural beauty reflects from love and stays still very few find someone to share it with
find it before it's too late and there's nothing but a sad forgotten myth
love doesn't give up it takes two find it or you'll be Eternally blue

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With a Pure Heart