A Purpose

There was a time when I had a purpose in life,
Two children to raise all by myself,
Working, housework, running the kids,
My life was so full, I was needed back than,
Than my children grew up,
Once my days were so full and busy,
Now they are so empty,
To much time with nothing to do,
All alone most of the time,
Trying to find a reason for still being here,
My husband and daughter have now passed,
And my son seems not to care,
Others only want what I can give,
But they don't want to give back,
No one hears my cries,
As the tears fall from my eyes,
So, now I will give no more.
For everything is gone,
And I spend most of my time alone,
Than one day the time came,
After all the tears and pain,
I started feeling empty inside,
I no longer feel hurt or pain,
There will not be anymore tears,
I feel I no longer have a heart,
So now I have no reason to stay,
I once had a purpose in life.


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This Poems Story

It's about trying to find a reason for being here, besides always being used by others,