A Quest for Achilles

Oh, where yonder doth my Achilles lay?
My hero formed of bronze and strewn in gold
Where do his arms lay so I may fall into them?
Do his shoulders stand astute like mountains?
If so, where are they so I may seek reprieve upon them?
Where oh where does my destined love lie?
My lover stitched across tapestries of yore
Woven by maidens whose eyes have seen as their hands have spun
Where am I to find his arms so I may fall into love with them again?
overpowered by love I shall be the fateful wanderer to reattach the strings of my own Prometheus
Must my tears be born of heaven’s flame for my plight to catch the eye of the gods?
Must my spirit be untampered so? Must I be a glowing flame through the desert of my adversity?
Must the holy mother come alive to bear upon my spirit so?
How does my lover fare in my absence?
Does he yearn for me on the banks of the river Acheron?
Or has he long forgotten of me
Has he drunk of the river Lethe and fell to godly pleasures?
I wander upon holy ruins barefoot, to replace the pain of heartbreak
Must I hunger and pain like he did to feel at one with him?
Shall I kiss naught but his statues of marble?
My mortal recompense for falling for a demigod
Who am I but second to his Patroclus?
He has sought out his first love
And I find myself left with bitter ashes in my mouth
For what could compare to the tale of Achilles and Patroclus?

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