A Question

Sitting around comprehending
Arguing, frustrated
Too proud for entertaining
The fact that we aren't explaining
The truth of the matter is
This mindset is training
A reaction of distraction
Manipulating the idea of no traction
Deranged and prolific
Politically correct interactions
When D.C. says stay out
We attempt to fight fire with fire
Not realizing that this is helping put on
Washington's prepared attire
A fight for arms
A fight for calm
A fight for the right to say what's right and what's
We keep dipping into each other's life choices
Not watching our own steps
Not hearing the warning voices
Of the past mistakes
Taking on violence is an unlearned take
On what we presume to be fair
But who said throwing stones at your neighbor won't wear
Out the gravel under your feet
There's no tread
Where's your slip gonna lead
Biding time until we see
That capitol isn't all we need to free
It's the hearts of our children
The stories we allow them to read
The flag we allow them to ignore
The fighting in the past
Where did that lead?
Independence for some
Deliverance for few
Those who fought for virtue long ago
While chains fought to constrain
The family of your best friend
The heritage of your uncle Ben
We know no color
Yet we categorize by race
We assume no gender
Yet we assume what is in another's heart
We assume the evil
We ignore the part
That we play out what we see
Those people on social media who post for free
Their ideal morals
Yet don't know the life of you and me
Keep on marching
But the cause is turning to catastrophe
Keep on marching
But what happens when the road ends
Keep on marching
There's no where left to walk, what now my friend?

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This Poems Story

The entire nation is in a political uproar regarding a plethora of issues. There seems to be a lack of communication from all. A lack of understanding or attempt to find common ground. This is going to affect how our children carry out their lives, for better or worse.