A question

One year ago I was asked a question by a boy.
A question every young girl wants to be asked.
I never thought about that question for long.
I never thought of the aspect of that question
when it was asked.
I was just overcome with joy for awhile
because of that question but then the joy faded and I began to rethink my answer to that question
I was asked of Not to long ago.
It was to late I was trapped in my answer to that question.
A question that was so commonly asked to girls but so foreign to me
I was never asked it before then.
A question I will take with me the rest of my life
my answer costed me so much grief.
So many sleepless night so many fakes smiles.
To hide my pain that I had inside of me.
I never knew a question and an a simple answer a three letter answer can cause me so much pain and regret.
But once that pain clears and the damage is done.
You realize that the question you were asked not to long ago is just a
distant memory.
You overcame the side effects of that question
It made you remember who you were made you stronger so you run away
From all the negative thoughts in your Head you think of because of
That question and you stop
Blaming yourself because you know you Can’t fix it something’s you can’t fix.
I finally smile for once again a real smile because I overcame that question and That answer I gave because I know I’m worth more than that.

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