A Question In My Life…

Do I have to lie cheat and steal
Its all too confusing I dont know why
When the life I live doesn't seem real
Do I have to lie cheat and steal
As I sit here in the dawn of night
I continue to ponder the wrong from right
Do I stay awake
Or do I close my eyes
Maybe a nap I should take
Or just simply arise
Life has too many questions to ask
As why we love those we hurt
While other sit back and bask
The ones loved get pushed in the dirt
Do I take a step forward or step back
To step forward only brings fear
For there are many things I lack
So now where to go in this life
Since too hard to show how I feel
There is only nothing but strife
Not for him or her but for me
Left floundering only question should be
Do I have to lie cheat and steal?...

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