A Quick Lesson in Parenting (For my not-so-little one)

You start so small - and need so much,
To be fed and changed, a loving touch.
You start to grow, and begin learning - everything!
You're crawling, walking, and then you start speaking.
I've been here - watching you grow, and now
It's our first day of school, and you have to go.
This is it, test number one, I'm trusting your first
Taste of the world, to show you life can be fun.
Time is flying, and I don't know how, But
Puberty is hitting - and I don't know you so well now.
My little one, who would tell me all,
Who would run up to me excited,
or come crying when you fall.
Now you look down at me, instead of up,
You know everything, and I feel like all I'm doing is
Messing up. You tell me you don't need me,
That you're not a little kid anymore,
But you don't understand dear, to me -
You're still four. You still need me, You still need
Fed and clothed, you still need help - Trust me,
You're not that old. And when I look at you,
I still see the child that needs help tying their shoes
Not the young adult that you are, whose getting
ready to fly the coop. And I know I'll hold on, until
Your wings drag to the floor, and I know when it's
Time for you to go, I'll be so proud to see you soar.

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