A Race Oppressed

It began with spark that ignited an everburning flame of injustice
Oppression that became intertwined with our culture, lines blurring
The bondage of humans, whose souls were tossed aside
The ebony of their skin, all that was of importance
Not their aspirations nor their culture
No, their dreams would forever be comprised
For vile prejudice plagues our country and injustice lurks in the shadows of our society
The torrid beast of racism must be slain
But the sword with which it must be slain needs to be sharp enough to cut through centuries of maltreatment
Centuries of a prejudice that is deep rooted in the core of principles, whose extraction will only be achieved with a reformation affecting each facet of our country, our planet
Society must abandon its mutilated morals and replace them for values forged with acceptance
Abolition of the villainous bias that plagues this world must be immediate
Change whispers across the skin of the oppressed, of their suppressors
Long enough has this table teetered on its last leg
Soon it will be turned
For the blood of the warriors stirs with a passion cultivated from torrents of hatred
Hopefully, one day, the goal will not be acceptance
Instead, the standard will be empowerment
Unprecedented respect for thy neighbor
Let there be celebration of diversity and let it be ample
For separate, is never equal

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