A Rainy Monday

Spit out the words you need to say.
Fight for what you want not what
others expect from you. She never knew
how to be treated right so she just dealt
with what came her way.

Abusive words that scared her and ran
over in her head like the song playing on repeat.
She always says she will fight for herself
but then hides from the fight. "Someday
I'll be happy," she reminds herself as the
wet tears fall from the sky.

Cover me like the clouds cover the sky,
but don't hide me forever 'cause that
young woman does want to shine.

The miraculous things that do go right in her
life just don't seem enough. She wants
to feel that feeling others talk about,
are they just retelling the same fairy tale
that they heard as a child?

Dad... tell your little girl she will be all right
'cause tonight she is dreaming up her fate.
She wants to smile, but her muscles are just too tired.
I'm done fighting that fight.

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