Dang y'all fools are still at it?
Now that means it's no longer a discussion, it's a bashing!
Come on, move the hell on to the next rant !
Yeah, yeah, goes a little sumn like dis,
You betta watch yo self, when you post a rant on RR,
Cause you'll have a bunch of fools, trying to punch the card, card of confusion,
When it starts, all this crap going on here, I'd rather smell cow farts,
It seems it's already been handled,
But you gots scathing arses , that likes to hand a lil, put down here, lil scolding there,
It's like no one cares bout the sleep at night, so let's get it on,
and put it to a fight, of grown arse ones,
that act more like tots,
Now come on y'all, wipe away the snot, cause I'll comeback harder, than ole miss trash starter,
To damn old for dis, that's why I'll just leave it right der, for ALL OF RR, TO SEE✌️out, or should I say in, cause that's were I'm headed, right IN d bed, gonna lay down my , ssllllleeeeeepppppppppyyyyy head!!!!!

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