A rare afternoon

By sunset   

on one of the brightest noon sky
ready for a nap I lie
on my bed with a window nearby
soon my room echoes a humming
my ears not ready to welcome the tuning
closed lids filled with sleep
strive to open to take a peep
"sorry to disturb"- the bee to me
"my sleep is interrupt, now leave me"
the window slides close without care
while the bee gets an angry stare
call for sleep, lids closed again
instead of sleep, a fear knocks my brain
the humming not striking my window
no tuning making an echo
Did I kill an innocent creature
only for having a summer venture
it may have found another window
since I cannot hear the echo
lids open, tears filled
my face revealing signs of guilt
my lips cannot stop smiling
while the 'bee and friends' are merry making

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