A Rather Peculiar Auction

A Rather Peculiar Auction

It’s a hot summer day in the town of Ding Dong
Where everyone feels at home
The branches sway in the cool summer breeze
And herds of cattle roam

The small population of Ding Dong gather
Around the small stage.
Where the Auctioneer is ready to sell
Whatever the crowd will pay.

“Our first item,” the auctioneer cries,
“Is a mythical dragon egg.
Warm for three days, a dragon will sprout!
‘Ai! Take it out’ your wife shall beg”

The audience chuckles at the strange auctioneer
As he boasts of this strange tale.
“To start, I ask only twenty dollars.”
Going Once, Twice, Sold!

“And next we have this diamond necklace,”
(he winks) “For a lady fair.
With this ring, you shall make women jealous
And the young gentlemen stare

“For this I ask a hundred dollars
Now who finds this price fair?”
Many a hand shot up
Going Once, Twice, Sold!

“And now we have this lovely ring
Who belonged to a pharaoh old
It granted him immortality--
Or so the legend is told.

The audience gasped in raw surprise
As he presented this lovely ring.
“For this treasure I ask 300 dollars!
Going Once, Twice, Sold!

“Here I part with a sacred branch
That the precious Mourning dove
Returned to Noah upon her return
And filled the world with Love.”

The auctioneer granted the audience
A moment of stunned quiet.
“Who will pay 500 dollars?”
And suddenly, they broke into riot.

The strange Auctioneer sold many a thing
As the night faded into day.
And when he left, a rather queer smile
Was left upon his face.

He did not part with a dragon egg
Nor with a branch a of value
He did not part with a Pharaoh's ring
Nor with a diamond true.

Rather, he sold his grandmother’s ring
And a rather beautiful rock
As well as a twig from his backyard
And a necklace from a jewelry box

It was his words that gave these things
The value that was lacking.
He spun a tale so wild and true
That left the people smiling.

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