A real Dad

Anyone can be a father, but it takes a lot to be a dad
I am so blessed, only a father would have made me very sad.

You have taught me so much, from fixing a tire to how to be kind to everyone to all the good things are free
But my favorite is the definition of family
And that together we can overcome any tragedy

You did so much for us without making a sound
Your kindness and pure heart knows no bound.

You really are the hero
Without you, our lives would have been a struggle
We would have felt the zero without any snuggles

I am so grateful to you for giving me a loving, secure environment better than anyone else could
I am most thankful to you for not giving me a baggage of childhood.

You really are the man, people talk about in movies, the one who is too good to be true
Sometimes I feel you have no clue
How you gave me the best world by just doing the things that you do

Without knowing, you have set the bar so high
Nothing will make me happier than to be half of you when I die
You do it with such finesse without even trying
If it was up to you, no one in the world would be crying

I had the perfect childhood because of you and your 'try everything' attitude
No matter what the circumstances, we never slept without food
Daddy you challenge me to be a better version of myself
Of course, you can, you hold more knowledge than a big bookshelf

If there was one of you in every face
This world be such a better place

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