A Reason to Live

Crushed by the judgmental views of society,
I struggled internally, and externally,
It felt like a tidal wave on a stormy night,
Drowning in the curses of my enemies, I bellowed in pain,
I was not impacted by just sticks and stones,
Out Cold, hit by reality, incapacitated, on the brink of death,
I woke up, in a bed, the room was layered in white drapes,
You, the one who stayed by my side,
The one who waited for me to wake,
The one who filled me with love,
The one whose smile lifted me,
It showed me the way out of the storm,
You helped me out of this grave, I received warmth,
My heart was filled,
How did you save me,
I was in despair, no desire to move,
Injured by every aspect of life,
Stoned like a witch,
Though I was revived,
By the one that stayed by my side,
The angel sent from heaven,
Prayed and slept on my bedside,
This was the day I vowed to protect your smile,
I never wanted to see you cry again,
I was given the chance, the opportunity of a lifetime,
You're the reason why I continued to exist,
The reason to live.

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