A Refused Name Tag

He showed off his delicate areas; don't laugh. His head ate pavement trying to hide his face. He knew steps forward on this road were really only footprints leading to mockery. Shame cradled him every night since. That didn't matter due to the pendulum inside his legs. Barley space left between ceiling and water for his lips to hover so as not to drown and diminish what was left of him. Every ounce of flesh that hung from his bones assaulted; one more ragged breath in before the truth comes spilling out. Unknowing if another hand will raise to catch him in their own similar fall.

Hello, my name is "shhh," and I was sexually abused by a woman.

Latoshia Jessup

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This Poems Story

This poem came about after I had entered into a contest addressing a different double standard. I found many more double standards that I wanted to write about and shed light on. Far too often I see men go through things that are not seen as a concern by others because they are men and I have a issue with that. Problems are problems and are real regardless of the gender and belittling something that has happened to a human because they are a man or a woman, because it does go both ways, is something I want to get away from. This poem was a result of all the thoughts that came about from the above information.