A Relation of Opposites

A relation of opposites, this contrary world,
of every creation, even boy and girl.
Things complex or simple, within us without us,
of soft things or hard, be solid or gaseous.
There's positive and negative, that repel and attract,
the left and the right, the front and the back.
To ripen to rotten, things new and things old,
of fire and ice, things hot and things cold.
Things near and things far, of black and of white,
there's long and there's short, there's day and there's night.
The empty and full, the good and the bad,
inhuman and human, the happy and sad.
There's pessimists and optomists, the no and the yes,
the haves and have-nots, the worst and the best.
In one there are many, of virtue and vise,
there's pleasure and pain, offensive and nice.
There's smart and there's dumb, the foolish and the wise,
the weak and the strong, of truth and of lies.
Of likes and dislikes, there's love and there's hate,
there's poverty and wealth, some early some late.
From north unto south, from east unto west,
there's pushing and pulling, of failure and success.
There's death in this life, of the fast and the slow,
we go in we go out, we stop and we go.
Inside-out outside-in, this way or that,
rightside-up upside-down, this round world is flat.
And the END is the BEGINING, we silently yell,
to go up high or down low, to HEAVEN or HELL.

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