A Renascent Synopsis

Like the raised ridges of colored leaves in frigid autumn
that fall, filled with apprehension from the most violent of winds
Life, it seems, is approaching an end
Like the miniscule nature of stifled seeds in virulent winter-
a genuflection to a white Jack Frost- that now lie still
Their fertile essence now concealed
But, as assuaging, though, toilsome drops fall in juvenescent spring
Bringing prospects of prosperity to despairing black loam
It is time to arise from such pallid biomes
As the sun with its puissant rays illuminates the sustaining summer
Calling patiently- yet with persistence- those anchored to death
Intimating intimately, so none should feel bereft
Thus, raised ridges return to the greens of heightened oak
And beholden sundry petals again reveal their labored schemes
All like wearied spirits who have been redeemed

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