A Road Alone

A road alone, I've been walking
without anyone besides me;
my shadows accompany me.
I only see the distance ahead,
with no disturbance to my own vision.
Besides the path I walk,
lies the unknown darkness;
a place so dark,
you can't see what lies beyond.
I only walk ahead the visible road.
While I walk down the road,
I began seeing glimpse of people walking;
when I look properly in time,
they were walking with me.
I thought I was alone,
but there were people beside me;
they were with me all the time,
yet I never knew about them.
I never understand why I couldn't see them.
Just then I realized!
my deepest blunder in life;
to acknowledge the people around me.
I can't turn back time,
to correct the mistakes before me.
My greatest guilt began this instant!
a penance I will never forget;
For wrongs I've committed,
I want to help others,
to save myself, this is the choice I have taken.

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This Poems Story

Sometimes you feel like you are alone but there is always someone there for you.