A road within

The shadows are leaving , the sun's over now
When will you come and make my heart a heaven,
It's years and years, I've been waiting
and see the cold sky, triggering my message
to you! Won't you come or take me along you?

Patience isn't dying maa, hope is!
Tears have drowned me all these moons,
Tell my maa, I cherish her back
To keep my loveliest heart alive
Left midst waves of thundering hatred
Lone in breaths echoes just my breath
All is I perch near your portrait!
Should I wish? Tell me to meet my self-given death?

No, you never taught me ever this
My atlases are brimmed of your love,
I know, my unheard voice is audible
To both of you,My veins no more carry cheerful blood
It's carrying pigments called tormented joys,
Tormented breaths and Atlantic sorrows!
but still there's a hope from myself
that I'll heal myself
that I'll love myself even if no-one does
as I know it is called life
and I'll live it.

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