A Rose & A Thorn


There’s always a rose and a thorn in our life.
A rose is beauty, love, happiness & goodwill
but a thorn is fear, anger, deceit & jealousy
and they grow side by side.
When we pick a thorn and a rose together
we pick a ‘but’, an ‘if’ and a ‘however’.
I like her ‘but’ – I would like her more ‘if’
I would be nice to him ‘however’,
A thorn is very judge-mental and
It always pricks the person in some bad way-
It is always negative & never ensures
a very happy day.
So leave the buts, the ifs, & the howevers behind
and watch how the goodness in your life grows.
Then you will never be stuck with a thorn again
but live with the beauty of a rose.

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