A Rose as Red as Red Can Be

A Rose as Red as Red Can Be
Would that the sun did not turn its rays to cast shadows upon my person, it would be made possible to hold thee and kiss thy lips
It would be made history and no longer remembered, all my sins. How thou, a creature of the night, could find light upon the sight of such hauntingly desirous delicate skin
Would that every bite stolen and every wound drawn could be mended, and the candor of my truth would rot those innocent ears not, the darkness inside me would surely lighten
The harshness inside those eyes when they look at me would surely soften and allow these venomous, fickle hands to hold thee as I kiss thy lips
Would that I was the one thee loved, a gentle touch by thy hands would be enough to fling my monstrosity from the darkness and into the clouds, a dance of love as far as the wind can take me
A dance of hope, shining like the morning sun to restore the world into purity, a thing thou threatens to do to me, for I am corrupt
Would that I truly was the one thee loved, lives still yet of this world and teeth absent blood, I could then hold thee and kiss thy lips
I could then rid myself of all these worries, burdens of having to hide and pretend to be a man worth the marvels of such love thee would provide
Would that these glorious thoughts of a life far beyond this monster's reach dangled a little closer to my grasp, it would be an opportunity fought to the death in attempt to seize
You, oh you would have been the way I'd have lived this life, only that I was good enough. But I am corrupt
I am corrupt, and I shall never hold thee and kiss thy lips

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