A Rosier Hue

It strikes me how once the stars in our eyes
Ignited with fervor for life
United in our parallel strife
Knew nothing of the world,
Yet with plans to conquer it

But alas, for life is a crossroads
Set aflame by choices we make
Was my choice that night a mistake,
Or was my path the right one to take?
Time will hold her secrets well

And when the time came to let you go
I saw the pain in your eyes
And looking at our romance's demise,
I never slept that night, all I could do was cry
Wondering of roads to take

As a ghost of the future
Living in memories hazy
I smile when I see the old friend I knew
Her heart of gold, shining through
I take a deep breath and release Nostalgia's grip
What's done is done
What's past is past

We can only observe in our journeys
Drifting backwards to heaven
When things were a rosier hue

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