"A Sad Memory of LOVE"

By Anya73   

Mystery, mystery
A mystery you remain
In one’s heart lies the answer
That was never revealed.

You speak with sweetness
You act with kindness
Little things you do
Makes me wonder.

Is it just you
Or is there something more
That you don't want to say
That you don't want me to know.

Afraid to say it
Afraid to admit
You don't speak it
But you act it.

Will I ever know?
Will you let me know?
How come I know?
And you don't?

Your mystery
Never a mystery
You gave yourself away
At the very beginning

Knowing you
Feeling you
I figured you knew
But you denied it...

You lost it...
I lost it...
Now it's just a memory
A sad memory of Love.

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This Poems Story

When you love a person, you can't help but show how you feel...your actions will reveal YOU...deny the feeling and you will lose it....realizing you've loved and lost it, is hard to swallow...now you're left with just a sad memory of LOVE.