A Savior Of A Lost Girl

A girl, timid and unsure,
A puppet with multiple masters.
She feels she has no chance
In such a poisonous world.
It would chew her into tiny pieces
Then spit her out and never look back.
She would only be another hole
Punched into the sky,
A star with no light.
The girl made a decision,
She no longer needed another's help.
She was changing, evolving.
She would fear nothing and no one.
She had made the choice to save herself
From a bleak and depressing future.
Everyone around her
Began to look weak and thirsty.
Breaking their knees,
Falling to them to ask for help to their feet.
They were fools to repeat the cycle.
They never learned from their pain.
She would know better than to make their mistakes.
She needed no one to help her to her feet.
If she was to fall,
She would rise with no assistance.
The girl would no longer show her weaknesses.
The girl needed no one.
The girl was lost,
But found herself.
She was her own savior.

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