A Savior’s Birth

One day of the year, where people expects presents
We decorate trees with Lights and Ornaments
Christmas is something that is more than these events

A Savior was born on Christmas day
“Jesus” a gifted and special name
He came to earth so he can save
And so our clouds wouldn’t be so grey

Jesus was born in a manger
With animal who were stranger
Money for them wasn’t Nature
But no cry or no danger

Wise Men came and brought unto him gifts
They brought Gold, Murr, and Frankincense
But, Harod got jealous but couldn’t admit
He wanted the child gone, so he had to think quick

Again, an angel warned joseph in a dream
Go to Egypt, don’t come back or Scream
Without a Word, they packed to leave

So Christmas was about how Jesus was born
How he came to save and warn
He is the king today and forevermore
So, the best gift given is Jesus birth

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